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Veganism_Beyond Carnism_The Secret Reason We Eat Meat - Dr. Melanie Joy

World Extinction Crisis endangered species,

every 15 minutes an elephant is murdered for greed. our earth's biodiversity and the extinction crisis and animals extinction rate is worse then previously thought are creating the sixth greatest extinction of animal species, say scientists Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History

Just like the Neanderthals, we will be next if we can't get our act together.

All of us must realize we are not the only species on this incredible planet.

Stop killing everything in sight, abstain or eat less meat, share the right to exist.

Respect all other species, stop the revenge of war, and give peace a chance.



WHY?  Take a look at the list above, Major Brands that you eat everyday, and they Do Not Want Labelling of GMOs  WHY?

What are they affraid of, the people? They already have the Supreme Court the FDA and the White house in their pocket.

GMO seeds must be purchased every year, for a higher price, what a diabolical idea!


The fast-food industry’s $4.2 billion dollar, 

yearly advertising marketing budget!

Just to get you to eat more of their junk fast food. Remember farm corporations are subsidiized by Tax payers. Agricultural Subsidy farmers subsidies



 A Cree Native Prophecy edited for 2017



Humane Society International

Humane Society Stopping the spread of intensive confinement 2013

Humane Society International Action Support Campaign

Humane Society World new release 2013 India bans animal testing for cosmetics

Humane Society Canada news releases 2013 gestation crates to be banned  


       Do Not Watch" Meet Your Meat "a Horrifying Video

Know the facts! Read the Label! Demand Clear Labels! The Power of Boycotts! Know your food!

Support Animal Rights Laws!


 Genetic Engineering



Selective cross breeding since WWII read the painful agonizing results.

Impact of Selective Breeding.html



David more science is needed on effects of genetically modifying food and crops canada genetics Genetically modified organisms Regulation of the release of genetic modified organisms



The Toronto Michael Clarke Duncan memorial 


peta exclusive interview Micheal Clarke Duncan


* Pride comes before a fall *

I foresee a dangerous future for us all



Please Support: Free Range, Free Run, Cage Free, Pasture Feeding, Natural Farming, Humane Treatment, of all domestic animals.

Remember a life sentence in a confined space is just like prison, a cage, a crate or a stall is nothing short of animal abuse and torture.

These are living breathing  "sentient"  creatures that have committed no crime.

They do not deserve to be incarcerated for life and repeatedly impregnated for their entire life.

You would not allow your favorite pet to endure this kind of treatment.

Infact there are laws against puppy mills, but not for chickens, pigs and cattle.

"age restricted video" 

Video The Real Life of an American Egg Laying Hen Horror 

Sponsored by the Humane Society

Humane Society Cage Free Video

Speakout with your Money

Support Humane"old style" Natural Farming.

Look for, and ask for humanely raised, bred, fed & slaughtered animal products. 

Demand that the Government out-right ban all Genetic Engineering of all species of animals fish and birds.

Reverse the crossbreeding of all domestic animals.



This link below is for  the Author Peter Singer and one of his many books

Who is Peter Singer   "The Way We Eat, Why Our Food Choices Matter"

The author Peter Singer

C A F Os and Factory Farming "Info Links" Factory farming * Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation *


A River of Waste the Video


If you love your pet then you should love all animals, they are all the same each with it's own personality.


Please Help $      $ Animals Donate 

People  for  the  Ethical  Treatment  of  Animals

Animals have no VOICE in the decisions.

Please Support Animals and Demand Animal Rights Laws

Humane Society against Battery Cages issues confinement farm animals facts battery cages for chickens

Laying Hens in Battery Cages Egg Lay Hens Battery cages

Huffington Farm Post News farm sanctuary newyork

Mercy for Animals Veal, Hog and Chicken laws

Mercy for big news Michigan bans veal crates, hog gestation crates, and chicken battery cages, California outlaws tail dockin 

Peta Against Gestation Crates the peta files hog gestation crates

The Animal Question_Why Nonhumans Animals Deserve Human Rights 

by Author Paola Cavalier

Speciesism is the "discrimination" against nonhuman species

 Tom Reagan is "a philosophical leader of the Animal Rights movement" 




"This is an important video to view"

 Food Inc and Chicken Farming


The World Governments responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

Animal Protection Standards and Animal Rights Laws must include appropriate legislation and enforcement of those same laws worldwide.

Animal protection requirements and standards must include all classes of domestic animals, birds, and fish, from farm raised for the purpose of food or other by-products.

Under no circumstances should wild animals, birds and fish and sea creatures be exempt from any legal protections and must also include protection from the encroachment of humans and the abuse and killing that follows.

We must return to a more natural way of life, the reversal of cross-breeding of species, the banning of genetically modified organisms completely, naturalism, conservation and balance must be our main objective.

This may also include limiting human propagation and the control of urban sprawl and encroachment into farm lands, and wilderness areas, which must be protected.

All humans must have restricted access into wildlife sanctuaries worldwide and the establishment of many more wildlife refuges will be necessary in Canada and all over the World.

It will also be necessary to reserve large areas of oceans as naturally protected, "No Go Zones" for specific species that typically prefer certain areas worldwide, for breeding and feeding areas, examples include: whales, sharks, porpoise, etc., and other threatened species.



Genetic Roulette the Video

"Movie Trailer"

The corporations and governments responsible for the genetic manipulation of organisms,

Do Not want you to see this video.



Old McDonalds


Animal Rights



*To be or not to be* 

a Vegan, that's the real question?


*foot-notes Quote Shakespear* be or ...